Oh, all right.

The obligatory, self-indulgent why-I'm-not-blogging-at-the-moment explanation.

It's the same story you'll find on every third blog on the web: Real life, work, hangnail, tires need rotating, Blogger only works half the time, and I have to use Blogger because I live in constant fear of uploading my index to my employer's site when I do find the five minutes to aimlessly surf and find something worth linking.

All of that and a somewhat new excuse: I can't remember my file structure anymore (this page is actually eight files if you count itself and the stylesheet, the rest are asp includes, but it makes my life so much easier when I can remember what does what). And right now, I'm trying to remember if I need to make xhtml break tags or oldschool ones, but of course, I should be using semantic markup, which means there are untold thousands -- millions! Millions, I tell you -- who are muttering under their breath calling me unspeakable names because I don't use p tags.

Best excuse yet: I'm running out of webspace. Because this is what you get for 91 cents a month. Must stop blogging. One more asp file and (insert vaguely appropriate Star Trek quip here).

(I used to shock/annoy/befuddle Odd Cubicle Mate by telling him I've never seen an entire Star Trek episode -- any flavor -- ever. Odd Cubicle Mate has gone away now. Blame the economy.)

Look what I'm writing about, people. This is why I'm taking a break.
10/6/2002 03:52:21 PM

Yesterday I opened my front door to find a large black bird -- raven? crow? -- perched on a planter. The Harbinger of Death, literally on my doorstep. He looked at me, I looked at him, I went to get the camera, since he seemed to be posing. I snapped a few shots, wondering if it was true: Was this a sign that something at this house would die? When I was no longer amused by him, I tried to shoo him off, but he would not move. Not good. Not only is the Harbinger of Death literally on my doorstep, it is refusing to leave.

Today, I opened the door to see if he was still there. He was. Dead as a doornail, but still there.

It is true. Large black birds at your door means something will die.
6/5/2002 03:44:11 PM

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